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  • Hostos In The New York Times

    Commencement may have signaled the end of the school year, but that doesn’t mean that academic activity on campus came to a stop; students merely slipped into sandals and shorts and signed up for a wealth of fun---but challenging---summer courses. Some of those courses are part of CUNY Start, which provides intensive preparation in academic reading/writing, pre-college math, and “college success” advisement for students entering CUNY with significant remedial needs.

  • Hostos Student Receives Peter Jennings Scholarship Award

    On June 15, Pancita Lewis, a graduate of Hostos’ Adult Learning Center, received the Peter Jennings Scholarship Award. Lewis and nine other recipients were honored at a ceremony at CUNY's Graduate Center in Manhattan. T

  • Celebrating Our Achievements

    Late May and the first half of June provided Hostos with a number of opportunities to celebrate its faculty and students.




10 Questions With...

Saint Mbakop A. Boui
Saint Mbakop A Boui

If you asked Saint Mbakop A Boui 10 years ago if he would be Hostos’ Student Government Association President and eventually attend Harvard University, he might have replied...