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  • To the Eye of the Storm Straight from the Heart

    Hostos Lends Heartfelt Hands in Puerto Pico Recovery Effort

  • From Hostos to Lares With Love

    Hostos counselor Lizette Colón knew she could not sit idly by this summer when so much remained to be done in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane María. She initially hoped to serve as a chaperone for the CUNY Service Corps’ trip to the island, but was not selected. So, undeterred and determined as ever, and inspired by the words of Eugenio María de Hostos, “¡Acción! ¡Acción! ¡Acción! ¡Salgamos a toda costa de la inercia! (Action! Action! Action! We must combat inertia at all costs!), Colón organized and led her own service trip to the island.

  • Training the Scientists of Tomorrow

    Professor Olga Steinberg of the Natural Sciences department was awarded $796,000 by the National Science Foundation for the research project, The Physical and Functional Interplay Between Telomere and Repair Proteins: Mechanistic and Evolutionary Insights From an Unconventional Model. As co-principal investigator, and in collaboration with Weill Medical College of Cornell University (WMCCU),




10 Questions With...

Danielle Allen
Danielle Allen

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