Student Tech Fee Plan

For Fiscal Year 2016-2017, Hostos Community College plans to utilize the Student Tech Fee to continue the efforts of the previous years, expand upon successful projects, and initiate new projects to increase student access to current and future technology.
This year, the Tech Fee advisory committee has agreed to maintain and/or expand existing resources for current long-term projects. Information Technology is implementing several projects that respond to the increasing use of mobile devices by our students, including secure storing and loan options. The FY 2016-2017 Student Technology Fee Plan will also continue to support many additional items, including increasing the library's electronic resources; further improving availability of assistive technologies to students with disabilities; continued support for academic programs; support for SDEM retention initiatives, and supporting the computer labs, student technology workshops, and faculty development. Technical support personnel continue to assist students & faculty and to maintain hardware & infrastructure, and Hostos has provided valuable work experience to the students who fill a large majority of these roles. Additionally, resources have been allocated to address the needs expressed by our student leadership to help them better engage our students on compliance and other key activities which is reflected by an almost 47% representation on our Tech Fee Committee.
MathXL codes will also again be used as part of the college’s broader effort to improve developmental education and retention. Additionally, the College continues to invest in improved network infrastructure with additional high-speed wireless access. Additional Graphing Calculators are being purchased to meet the demand and as part of our Math Supplemental Instruction initiative expansion. A new approach to tutoring is being explored through the use of Smartboards which will allow tutors to share content digitally with the students.

Several notable items were not included in this plan, but will receive alternative funding. As with the previous year, students in the Natural Sciences will be provided with access codes for Mastering Biology, a biology laboratory simulation suite, which enriches their laboratory experience, even if Hostos lacks the specific, and expensive, infrastructure for subjects like molecular biology and genetics.

The college continues to ensure adequate resources are allocated to the Library (15%) and Accessibility services (5%).

The college has also reduced our Personnel Service spending percentage further this year to 31%.

Download the detailed proposal (submitted to CUNY Central Office in April 2016):

Hostos Student Tech Fee Plan Proposal FY 2016-2017 (.pdf)

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