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Strive for Success (S4S) is a peer mentoring college success program that assists first year students to complete their first year of college.  Graduates of the LINCT Pre-College Program and from our Community-Based Organization (CBO) partner college access programs who matriculate into Hostos Community College receive academic advisement as they progress towards their associate’s degrees from a Student Success Leader.

In addition to individual academic advisement and support from a paid second-year Student Success Leader trained by colleagues in College Access:  Research & Action (CARA), students are scheduled into common courses, participate in academic success and personal enrichment workshops, and may receive a paid internship through campus-based work opportunities.

For on-track students:
Meet with your advisor to help with financial aid, registration, and any questions you may have relating to college life.  You may also apply for a paid opportunity to be a LINCT Ambassador, S4S Student Success Leader or Bridge to College Coach.

For on probation or at risk students:
Whether you’re currently enrolled or have taken a leave, schedule a meeting with your Campus Coordinator and/or Student Success Leader (SSL) to get back on track.  Your SSL will connect you with the resources you need to help you to assess and resolve any problems you may have encountered at college.  With their help and guidance you will succeed!

For students with a 3.0 or higher GPA:
You are eligible for the Strive for Success Student Success Leader program!  Contact your campus advisor for more information about this special opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions about Strive for Success:

What is Strive for Success?
Strive for Success is a peer mentoring college success program that assists incoming freshmen adjust to the college environment. A freshman student will receive support from a second year student known as a Student Success Leader, who has experienced firsthand the challenges and successes of college. Some areas where we office assistance is with registering for classes, understanding blackboard and CUNY First, Financial Aid and other topics.

How would I know if I am in Strive 4 Success?
Strive 4 Success works with a variety of high schools partnered with our LINCT to Success program and local community based organizations. For a complete listing of these community based organizations, click here.

How does a new student benefit from Strive 4 Success?
An incoming student will benefit from the program by having a support system from the moment they arrive on campus. It is a way to feel supported and encouraged throughout their first year. Students can attend workshops facilitated by the Student Success Leaders that will cover topics that will serve as a guideline of what they should do to be successful and what to avoid

What are office hours?
Just like professors hold office hours, Student Success Leaders are in the office to assist students who may have questions or need help with an issue. Office hours allow students to engage in our community and to meet other student.  Our office is open from 10:00-5:00pm Monday to Friday and Student Success Leaders have their hours scattered throughout that time frame.

How does one become a Student Success Leader?
As a rising second year student former participants and other students interested in our program have the opportunity to apply for the Student Success Leader position. It is an opportunity for students to share their experience and guide incoming students through their new journey.

Where is the Strive 4 Success located?
The Strive 4 Success Office is conveniently located in the C- Building in room 491. Visit us anytime!!

Is the Strive 4 Success program available at other CUNY Campuses?
Yes it is! Strive 4 Success is located at 7 CUNY Campus.

Student Testimonials:

“My Success Leader was a big help during my first semester. She kept accountable so that I could make sure I passed all my classes.”
Jaylen H. Class of 2017

“I do not get financial aid and pay out of pocket for classes. Without my Success Leader and Strive, I would have never learned about the benefits of ASAP.”
Raul P. Class of 2017

“Strive 4 Success helped me save $150 by allowing me to use a book for the semester through their book swap. Thank you!”
Denise, N. Class of 2018

Marsha Milan-Bethel
Campus Coordinator
Division of Continuing Education and Workforce Development
Hostos Community College, CUNY
475 Grand Concourse, Building C Room-491, Bronx, NY 10451
Ph: 718-518-6830  Fax: 718-518-6744

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Student Success Leaders? Who are the

Juana A. Class of 2017     Oumar D. Class of 2017 
Juana A.                                               Oumar D.
Class of 2017                                        Class of 2017
Business Management Major               Business Management Major

                  Cheryl H. Class of 2017         
                 Cheryl H.
                 Class of 2017 
                 Liberal Arts Major
Todd M. Class of 2017    Stacey A. Class of 2018
 Todd M.                                            Stacey A.
 Class of 2017                                   Class of 2018 
 Early Childhood Major                      Aging and Health