Message from Associate Dean

Ana I. Garcia Reyes, M.S., Ed.Dear colleagues and students:

I am so pleased to share this information about our annual Summer 2019 Professional Development Program & Study Abroad Program being offered by Hostos Community College in collaboration with the Association of Dominican American Supervisors and Administrators (ADASA) and the City University of New York (CUNY) Dominican Studies Institute. This wonderful study abroad experience is a unique global educational opportunity that has been made available to hundreds of participants since the program’s inception.

As of 1992, Hostos Community College has sponsored a series of very successful academic exchange programs and trainings for educators and students involving teachers, guidance counselors, administrators, and faculty. This program has provided both academic and cultural enrichment activities that help educators expand their knowledge and create innovative curricula reflective of the city’s diverse student populations. It is also highly recommended for faculty who are conducting Dominican studies research on migration, health, economics, women studies or related field.

The Summer 2019 Professional Development Program partners in the Dominican Republic include:

  • El Ministerio de Estado de Educación de la República Dominicana (Dominican Republic Ministry of Education)
  • El Instituto de Formación de Educación Superior Salomé Ureña de Henríquez
  • Dominican universities, schools, and learning centers

The program will offer introductory classes and orientations at Hostos Community College during the month of June, followed by two weeks of language and cultural immersion classes in the Dominican Republic from June 27- July 8, 2019.  The classes are complemented with visits to historical sites and other educational institutions in different parts of the country.

The rich offering of activities allows program participants to learn about Dominican migrations, as well as develop an in-depth understanding and appreciation of Dominican traditions and idiosyncrasies. NYC DOE teachers can earn up to 100 professional development hours. Faculty and teachers can also develop innovative curricula reflective of their student body and in a very creative manner include this in their lesson plans. Program participants also have the opportunity to meet with Dominican policymakers and dignitaries here in New York and in the Dominican Republic.

According to the  U.S. 2010 Census, there are over 1.5 million Dominicans in the United States. Most of these are concentrated in New York, New Jersey and Florida, with over 700,000 in the City of New York, and a highly significant number of these attend  NYC public schools. Over 23,000 attend the City University of New York.  In the Borough of Manhattan alone, Dominicans account for more than 160,000 people, followed by Puerto Ricans at approximately 108,000 and Mexicans at over 42,000.  CUNY’s fall 2014 student profile data shows  45.2% of students self-identified as Dominicans at Hostos Community College.  These figures don’t even take into account the number of Dominican students who attend private educational institutions from pre-k to higher education in the United States.

Cultural awareness and sensitivity in the classrooms plays a big role in students’ retention and graduation rates. For example, learning more about the history and contributions that Dominicans have made inside the U.S. and abroad is important to make students feel proud of their heritage and raises their self-esteem. Global education and knowledge of a second language or culture is always an asset.

I assure you that the Hostos Professional Development/ Study Abroad Program experience will give you an unparalleled opportunity to acquire hands-on knowledge about Latin America and the culture, history, language and educational system in the Hispanic Caribbean. The program provides opportunities for NYC DOE teachers, guidance counselors, administrators, faculty, staff and students majoring in education or related field to increase their understanding of diverse communities and countries throughout the world.

Please note the program application deadline is March 22, 2019. For more information and / or to receive the Hostos Community College Professional Development / Study Abroad Program application package, please e-mail Associate Dean Ana Garcia Reyes at

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Best wishes and thank you in advance for your support!

Ana I. García Reyes, M.S., Ed.
Associate Dean for Community & External Relations
Division of Institutional Advancement
Eugenio María de Hostos Community College
of The City University of New York
475 Grand Concourse & 149th St, Room A-335
Bronx, NY 10451