Using myHostos App

Open/Close section Installation: Android
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Open/Close section Installation: iPhone

When installing the app, you will get this message:

"myHostos" App Would like to Send You Notifications.

Notifications may include alerts, sounds, and icon badges. These can be configured in Settings

Click OK.

Open/Close section Home Screen Navigation

Tap on the top left corner to launch the side bar navigation.

When you are on the home screen, tap the top right corner icon to login or logout.  The open lock means you are not logged in; tap it and enter your Hostos login credentials to log in.

The closed lock means you are logged in.  Tap it to log out.  For help with your Hostos login credentials, click here.

Home Screen Navigation

For pages other than Home, the arrow icon displayed at the top right corner will take you back to the previous page.

To view the apps on the next page, please swipe right.  Swipe left to navigate to the apps on the previous page.

Personal or authenticated apps such as MyClasses and CUNYfirst are unlocked after you log in with your Hostos, CUNY Portal and CUNYfirst credentials.

The Public apps can be accessed at any time by any person in or outside of the Hostos Community.

Open/Close section Reporting an Issue

If you encounter an issue with the app, please use the Report Issue Reporting an Issue option located under the sidebar menu to report the same via email. Please attach a screenshot too, if applicable.

Open/Close section Troubleshooting Help: Reset myHostos App

If the app icons are not loading after an application update, use the Reset myHostos App button (In the Settings section on left navigation menu) to reset the app to the default settings.  Once done, you will get an Update Manager popup.  Press 'Yes' to proceed with the update.

Please Note: Minimizing the app during the reset process can corrupt the app.  You will have to reset the app again if it gets corrupted.  Network connectivity is required.

Open/Close section My Classes Today Help

This will only show classes that a student is taking or a faculty member is teaching that are in progress or scheduled for today.  Classes that have already finished will not appear in the app.

Open/Close section Login Session Expired

For your data's security, myHostos App will end your session after 20 minutes of inactivity.  To regain access you will need to login again.

Please Note: Although the myHostos App authenticated apps can only be accessed with your Hostos/CUNYfirst credentials, be sure to also keep your phone and devices locked with a passcode to ensure that your personal information is always protected.

Open/Close section Password Manager

Password Manager

Please store credentials here so myHostos App can remember them each time you log on to access the CUNYfirst and CUNY Portal Apps.

You can store credentials for CUNYfirst, CUNYPortal, and CUNY Library Search (One Search).

Please remember each time you change your CUNYfirst or CUNYPortal password, you need to re-enter the corresponding login credentials in the password manager.

Enter CUNYfirst credentials for Password Manager
Enter CUNYfirst credentials

Enter CUNY Portal credentials for Password Manager
Enter CUNY Portal credentials

For help with your CUNY Portal or CUNYfirst login credentials, click here.

Open/Close section Internet Connectivity

The myHostos App requires internet connectivity to work properly. Thus, the app cannot be used while underground and at subway stations that do not have cellular or wireless network access.