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Academic Interest:

Remy Roussetzki (Comparative Literature, 1999) is an associate professor of English at Hostos Community College and is on the doctoral faculty of the Ph.D. Program in French at the Graduate Center.

His primary concentrations are 19th-century literature, comparative English and French Romanticism, aesthetics, and philosophy. His publications include "Theater of Anxiety in Musset and Shelley," Criticism, A Quarterly for Literature and the Arts, Wayne State U., 42.1 (Winter 2000); "Presence and Absence in Artistic Representation: When Rousseau Answered with Music to Derrida and De Man," Prose Studies, A Frank Cass Journal, London, 23.3 (December 2000); "Visual Grotesque and Denial of Castration in Rabelais," Zeitsprunge, Early Modern Studies Journal, Goethe Universitat, Frankfurt, Band 4 (2000); "When Eve Answers Back: The Impossible of Paradise Lost," Zeitsprunge, Early Modern Studies Journal, Band 4 (2000); "When Did France Become a Colony?." Kritikos: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal of Postmodern Cultural Sound, Text, and Image. (May 2005). He presented a paper on Milton's Paradise Lost, "Cuando Eva Dija 'No' a Dios y al Demonio," at the Jornadas da Escola de Causa Analitica (Rio De Janeiro) [Summer 2001] and an article on Rabelais, "Visual Grotesque and Denial of Castration," at the Sixteenth-Century Studies Conference (Cleveland) [2001].

He is currently working on a novel.