Proposal Submission Process & Policy

Electronic proposal submission can be a complex endeavor. It is the responsibility of the Office of Grants and Research Administration to ensure that all proposals conform to University  guidelines and policies. Our job is to prevent instances of late and incomplete proposals that would prompt serious concerns from Department Chairs and inquiries from senior administrators. For these reasons and in our continuous efforts to streamline the proposal submission process, OGRA has implemented a five working day internal deadline for the receipt of a complete proposal. However, you must notify OGRA of your intent to submit a proposal one month prior to the sponsor's deadline (see chart below.

A complete submission is a proposal that contains finalized administrative components (narrative, budget, biosketch, resources, etc.) all compliance forms (COI, RCR and Export Control Form) and approvals/signatures from Chairs and Deans. Proposals that are not received by OGRA five working days before the deadline may run the risk of the proposal not submitted to the sponsor accurately. It is the responsibility of the PI named on the proposal to ensure that all documents are submitted to OGRA and confirm to the policy noted below. Please be advised that this policy applies to all external and internal sponsors and funders, including the Professional Staff Congress (PSC-CUNY) and Community College Research Grant (CCRG) applications.

Please note that the Internal Proposal Routing Form must be submitted to OGRA no later than two weeks before the proposal deadline.