Consultants & Honorarium Payments

Many sponsored programs require the use of a consultant and can be paid via a Memorandum of Understanding or an Independent Contractor Agreement.
To ensure that the individual qualifies as a consultant, please refer to the MOU and ICA Research Foundation Policy for more information.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
MOUs can be used to pay a consultant less than $5,000.

Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA)
ICAs can be used to pay a consultant more than $5,000.

An honorarium is usually a one-time payment made to external participants that are non-CUNY and non-RFCUNY employees. 

Matrix of Required Documents
Memorandum of Understanding ICA Honorarium
• Payment Request
• Form RF 804
• Scope of work
• W-9 Form
• List of clients
• Invoice
• Schedule of Payments (if more than one)
and invoice for such payments
• Payment Request
• I.C.A. (Form RF 803)
• Scope of Work
• W-9 Form
• List of clients
• Schedule of payments (if more than one) and
invoices for such payments
• Resume or CV
• Payment Request
Honorarium Data Collection Form
• W-9 
• A flyer of the event and/or invitation
email summarizing the event

*MOU’s and ICA's  must  be submitted via the RF’s Contract Manager system*

Memorandum: Guidance on Payments to CUNY Employees