Hiring & Managing Staff

Principal Investigators and Project Directors with personnel lines in their budget that intend to hire staff to work on their program and/or project must adhere to the guidelines listed below. Please note that the Research Foundation of CUNY is an E-Verify employee and completion of the I-9 and E-Verify processes are required to onboard staff.

For more information on E-Verify, click here.

New Hires and Re-Hire Guidelines:
  • A prospective employee should make an appointment with OGRA to complete their new-hire or re-hire paperwork and must bring the required documents with them to the appointment. If you are unsure as to whether your prospective employee is a new or re-hire, please contact OGRA at 718-664-2744. The New/Re-Hire Form must be sent to Grants@Hostos.cuny.edu prior to the employee's start-date. 
  • As per the RF, Principal investigators (PIs) must post vacancies for Full-time and Part-time A positions. 
  • The classification of an RF employee is based on the number of hours that they will work on a bi-weekly basis:
    • Full-time (employee works 70 hours)
    • Part-time A (employee works more than 38, but less than 70 hours)
    • Part-time B (employee works 38 hours or less)
  • A rehire is defined by the RF as any employee of RFCUNY that is reappointed after a break in service lasting 120 or more days.   A rehire packet is required whenever a former RFCUNY employee has been off of payroll for the before mentioned timeframe.
  • Once the rehire information has been furnished to OGRA (i.e. name of employee, start-date, etc.), OGRA will then inform the PI, in consultation with Human Resources at the RF, as to which documents the rehire will need to complete. ​
  • New hires and rehires should not begin to work until a completed new or rehire packet is submitted to OGRA and then processed by the Research Foundation
  • All new employees must complete the RF's harassment prevention training. Click here to access the training module.
Additional Resources: Click here for the most up to date information on hiring and managing your RF staff.