Administrative Roles


Christine Mangino
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Ann Mester
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Felix Cardona
Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs


Amaris Matos, Ext. 6858                                                      
Director of Academic Affairs
Primary Responsibilities: Budget, HR Actions, Division Processes,         Registration

Sarah Brennan, Ext. 6753                                                    
Executive Associate to the Provost   
Primary Responsibilities: Student Complaints, Assessment, Title V Professional Development, Communication and Correspondence         

Suzette Quintana, Ext. 6668
Office Manager and Workload Specialist
Patricia De La Hoz-Pena, Ext. 6663
Academic Matters Assistant
Mariela Olivier, Ext. 6899
Workload and Travel Assistant
Shimyia Sinclair, Ext. 6708
Communications Coordinator/ Provost's Scheduler

OAA Responsibilities
Chancellor’s Report: Patricia    
Faculty Dining Room: Shimyia
College Wide P&B: Suzette     
Faculty Schedules: Mariela
OAA Conference Room: Mariela/ Patricia
Fellowship Applications: Suzette
Correspondence for Provost: Shimyia      
Metropolitan Orders: Patricia
Course Schedule Submission: Mariela
Multiple Positions: Suzette
CV Forms: Suzette   
Promotion Applications: Suzette
*Dean Cardona’s Calendar: Mariela
*Provost’s Calendar: Shimyia
Events Calendar: Shimyia   
Release Time Information: Suzette
Faculty Absence Report: Mariela               
Syllabi: Patricia
Travel Request: Mariela Waivers: Student Waivers: Patricia
               Adjunct Waivers: Suzette


OAA Organizational Chart