Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure

Faculty reappointment, promotion and fellowship leave occur at the discretion of the president who receives recommendations for action from the College-Wide Personnel and Budget (CW P&B) Committee.  The CW P&B Committee members include the president, provost, vice president for administration and finance, vice president for student development and enrollment management, academic chairpersons, labor designee and four at large member.  Applications for reappointment, promotion and fellowship leave are only presented to the College-Wide P&B Committee after department P&B Committee approval.  Department P&B Committee members are selected via department elections.  In order to be eligible for reappointment and promotion, faculty must demonstrate effective teaching, active scholarship and service to the college.  Fellowship leave is determined according to the academic merit of the proposed activity and the needs of the department. 

Fall 2020 CW P&B Schedule

Portfolio Resources

Tenure-track faculty and lecturers submit a teaching portfolio each year to be considered for reappointment, promotion and tenure. Each department has set guidelines for successful applications. Faculty should access the Guidelines for Faculty Evaluation below and speak with their department chair, coordinators, and mentors for additional information regarding appointment, promotion and tenure. Peer-Observation

Each semester tenure-track and part-time faculty are observed in accordance with Article 18.3 of the Professional Staff Congress/CUNY Agreement. The link below includes the Notice of Conference, Post-evaluation Conference and Observation Evaluation Form. Observations are normally conducted between the fourth and tenth week of the semester. Faculty should consult with department leaders for more details. The Hostos Faculty Observation Handbook was developed by the Peer Observation Improvement Network for Teaching (POINT) committee to provide guidance on the process of conducting a classroom observation and the use of the current classroom observation form.

For more information and resources about using the form, click here.
Applications for Promotion, Fellowship, and Emeritus Status