Scholastic Achievement

In the January and June annual Commencement Exercises, the graduating students with a grade point average of 3.7 or more with no Ds, Rs, Fs, INC, FIN, WU, or WA will march wearing gold stoles signifying they have received Scholastic Achievement Awards.

The Scholastic Achievement Award is a recognition from the Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs. A student does not apply for the award.

Ms. Agnieszka M. Beckford Ms. Cordelia Gittens Mr. Antonio Rodriguez
Ms. Penny D. Brown Ms. Laxmi Gurung Ms. Rosaida Rodriguez
Ms. Jessica N. Collins Ms. Idelsa Mendez Mr. Eric A. Sanchez
Mr. Allen Corporan Ms. Yesenia Montero Ms. Ruta Satkus
Ms. Jessica Cuttone Ms. Linette Perez Ms. Sabrina Ventura
Ms. Cindy De Leon Ms. Charlene Ramirez