Sexual Harassment Awareness and Intake Committee (SHAIC)

The Sexual Harassment Awareness and Intake Committee (SHAIC) receives complaints and is also responsible for educating and sensitizing the College community about sexual harassment through printed materials, workshops, and training sessions.

If you believe you have been the victim of sexual harassment or inappropriate conduct of a sexual nature, you should contact the Office of Compliance and Diversity at (718) 518-4284. You may also contact a member of the SHAIC listed below:

Ms. Lauren Gretina, Esq., Coordinator
Chief Diversity Officer, Room A-336
(718) 518-4284

Chief Arnaldo Bernabe
Chief of Public Safety Dept., Room C-030A
(718) 518-6880

Lt. George B. London
Assistant Director, Public Safety Dept.
Room C-030, (718) 518-6890

Prof. Julie Trachman
Natural Sciences Department
Room A-507D, (718) 518-4132

Prof. Heidi Bollinger, Ph.D.
English Department
Room B-339, (718) 319-7932

Rafael Torres
Office of Legal and Labor Relations
Room A-322A, (718) 518-4154

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