Who Should I Contact in HR for....

Shirley Shevach

Director of Human Resources

Christine Dias-Singh
Employee Relations Manager-Classified Staff

Thomas Lackaye
Timekeeping and Compensation Specialist

Denise Gomez-Ramos
Benefits Manager

Collette Joseph
Office Manager and Classified Staff Processor

Derbi Kotkas
Instructional and Non-Instructional Staff Specialist

Herminia Reyes
Recruiting Assistant

Annie Peña
Human Resources Information Systems Assistant

Cathleen Hodge-Wilkin
College Assistant Processor

Karen Mardenborough
PEMS and Recordkeeping Assistant

Fabrizio Acosta
CUNY Office Assistant 

Ginette Aubry Percy
CUNY Office Assistant (Front Desk Operations)

Tomika Wallace
CUNY Office Assistant

Eric Leung
College Assistant

Who Should I Contact in HR for….

Although any Human Resources employee can assist you when you call or come by, we’ve put together this brief list of who to contact for specific items. Please keep this list handy and refer to it when you have a question. Thanks! The HR Staff.

Classified Staff and Front Desk Management   
Subject Contact Person Ext.
Address Change CUNYFirst  
Classified Staff Appointment Letters Collette Joseph 6650
College Assistant Processing Cathleen Hodge-Wilkin 6651
Customer Service Keisha Pottinger-Moore 6652
Emp/Salary Verification Letters  Fabrizio Acosta 6650
Employee Self Service (CUNYFirst) Fabrizio Acosta 6650
General Human Resources Questions Fabrizio Acosta 6650
I-9 Verification/Immigration Fabrizio Acosta 6650
Name Change verification Fabrizio Acosta 6650
New Hire Information Entry Collette Joseph 6650
Onboarding New Hires Collette Joseph 6650
Online Employment System Collette Joseph 6650
Record Retention Fabrizio Acosta 6650
Tax changes Fabrizio Acosta 3014
Tuition Waivers Fabrizio Acosta 6650
Workforce Administration Keisha Pottinger-Moore 6652
Employee Benefits and Retirement  
Subject Contact Person Ext.
Employee Assistance Program Keisha Pottinger-Moore 6652
Benefits Orientation Keisha Pottinger-Moore 6652
Deductions Keisha Pottinger-Moore 6652
Family and Medical Leaves Keisha Pottinger-Moore 6652
Garnishment Payroll 6670
Health Insurance and Benefits Programs Keisha Pottinger-Moore 6652
Pre-Retirement Planning Keisha Pottinger-Moore 6652
Retirement Information Keisha Pottinger-Moore 6652
Supplemental Retirement Accounts Keisha Pottinger-Moore 6652
Workplace Violence Training Keisha Pottinger-Moore 6652
Employee Relations and Diversity  
Subject Contact Person Ext.
Affirmative Action/EEO Michele Dickinson 4284
Disciplinary Actions Christine Dias-Singh 6654
Discrimination-Complaints and Investigation Michele Dickinson 4284
Employee Relations- Classified Staff Christine Dias-Singh 6654
Employee Relations- Instructional Eugene Sohn 4281
Ethics Eugene Sohn 4281
Title IX Coordinator Michele Dickinson 4284
Human Resources Information Systems  
Subject Contact Person Ext.
CUNYFirst Reports Annie Pena 6817
Digital Management Systems (DIMS) Karen Mardenborough 4350
E-Timesheets (Technical Issues) Weng (James) Wong 6856
Personnel Files Review Karen Mardenborough 4350
E-PAR Training Annie Pena 6817
POI Processing Annie Pena 6817
Performance Management    
Subject Contact Person Ext.
PEMS Tracking Karen Mardenborough 4350
PEMS Troubleshoot Weng (James) Wong 6856
Performance Evaluation System (PEMS) Tutorial Karen Mardenborough 4350
Recruiting and Position Management  
Subject Contact Person Ext.
Appointment Management Herminia Reyes 6857
Classified Staff Recruitment Keisha Pottinger-Moore 6652
Dual Employment- Part-time Faculty Derbi Kotkas 6729
Hiring pools Keisha Pottinger-Moore 6652
Instructional Staff Appointment Letters Labor Relations Office 4181
Instructional Staff Processor Derbi Kotkas 6729
Part-time Faculty Adjuncts/Appointment Processing Derbi Kotkas 6729
Position Management  Herminia Reyes 6857
Professional and Faculty Search Process Michele Dickinson                                 Shirley Shevach 4284                    6655

Search Waivers
Michele Dickinson 4284
Vacancy Announcement Herminia Reyes 6857
Time and Leave/Compensation  
Subject Contact Person Ext.
Accident Reporting (workplace)                                               Thomas (Tommy) Lackaye 6508
Accrual Balance and Usage- Classified Staff Thomas (Tommy) Lackaye 4489
Accrual Balance and Usage- Instructional (Teaching and Non-Teaching)  Staff                                                                Thomas (Tommy) Lackaye 4489
Attendance Policies Thomas (Tommy) Lackaye 6508
Classified Staff Timesheet                                                       Thomas (Tommy) Lackaye 4489
Contractual Raises Thomas (Tommy) Lackaye 6508
Dedicated Sick Leave Thomas (Tommy) Lackaye 6508
E-Timesheets Thomas (Tommy) Lackaye 4489
Exit Interviews Thomas (Tommy) Lackaye 6508
Faculty/Staff Direct Deposits Thomas (Tommy) Lackaye 6508
Fellowship/Sabbitical Leave Thomas (Tommy) Lackaye 6508
Military Leave Thomas (Tommy) Lackaye 6508
Salary Verification Thomas (Tommy) Lackaye 6508
Time and Leave Report Thomas (Tommy) Lackaye 4489
Unemployment Insurance Thomas (Tommy) Lackaye 6508
W-2 Processing and Duplicates Payroll 6670
Workers Compensation Thomas (Tommy) Lackaye 6508
Training and Development    
Subject Contact Person Ext.
Training and Development Keisha Pottinger-Moore 6652
Strategic Planning Shirley Shevach 6655
Workforce and Succession Planning Shirley Shevach 6655