About SSCU

The Student Success Coaching Unit (SSCU) is an innovative academic engagement and early intervention program. We emphasize intellectual achievement and life-long learning. At SSCU you will be assigned a Coach that will guide you throughout your academic career at Hostos; you will also partner with a “student cohort”. During the first year your Coach will connect you with a variety of campus resources available throughout Hostos. As you embark upon your second year your Coach will work with you on degree completion requirements, transfer and career planning. We look forward to your participation in the Unit.

Hostos Community College Student Success Coaching Syllabus
A Student Success Coach at Hostos Community College is a trained staff member whose sole function is to help our students with academic success. Success coaches meet one-on-one with entering freshman students to build relationships, educate students about college wide resources and develop personal plans to facilitate student goals.
What is Success Coaching?
Academic Success Coaching is a one-on-one appointment with a Success Coach. You will meet with a professional staff member who will tailor the meeting to your specific needs, situations, and goals. Student Success Coaches will help you with issues important to success, including but not limited to the following:
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Getting involved
  • Identify what the student wants to achieve
  • Planning your class schedule
  • Study habits
  • Financial Awareness
  • Getting to know your faculty
  • Academic Planning
  • Balancing your academic and social life
In addition, we are happy to refer you to the various resources available on campus, including Student Counseling, Financial Aid, Testing and Tutoring, Single Stop and Career Development.

Who can benefit from a Student Success Coach?
Almost anyone can benefit from success coaching! If you feel there is something preventing you from achieving academic success, we can assist. Hostos Success coaching is a great resource for modifying existing behaviors and exploring new areas for academic and personal growth.
What the student should bring to a coaching appointment?   
An open mind with any questions or concerns ready to discuss  
Learning Outcomes (after meeting with a Student Success Coach the student will able to)
  1. Identify areas of need
  2. Learn about existing resources available to support success
  3. Develop skills to achieve success
  4. Demonstrate the ability to be responsible for his/her own academic success at Hostos