Grade Appeals

Students have the right to appeal a grade when they believe that the grade was based on factors other than the student's academic performance in the course.  The process for filing a grade appeal is as follows:
  1. The student must present written proof or justification to his/her Instructor that he/she deserves a grade change. If the request for a change of grade is denied then the student can submit her appeal to the academic program coordinator.
  2. The second level involves a meeting with the Academic Program Coordinator.  The student must submit a written report of his/her meeting with the instructor to the Coordinator.  If the Program Coordinator feels that there is sufficient cause to appeal a grade, then the Program Coordinator will initiate the appeal and forward the appeal to the Chairperson.  If the department denies the appeal, then the student can submit his/her appeal to the academic department chairperson.
  3. The third level involves a meeting with the Academic Department Chairperson, In this case, the Chairperson will review the appeal and all pertinent documents available – grade rosters, copies of papers and exams- and determine whether the appeal can be granted or not.  Once a ruling has been made, the case should be considered closed.  If the department denies the appeal, then the student can submit his/her appeal to the Academic Standard Committee.

NOTE:   The listings for both Academic Program Coordinators and Academic Department Chairpersons are on the back of this page.
 Academic Program Coordinators

Coordinator Unit Phone Email Office
Salim Rayman Dental Hygiene 718-319-7945 B-131
Kathleen Ronca RN Nurse Program 718-518-4108 A-307H
Charles Drago Radiologic Tech 718-518-4114 A-307F
Howard Jordan Public Admin & Paralegal 718-518-6587 B-334
Marta Rivera Behavioral Sciences 718-518-6569 B-319
Peter Roman Social Sciences 718-518-6575 B-326
Claude Fernandez Business Admin/Acct 718-518-6543 C-590
Sandy Figueroa Office Technology 718-518-6512 C-590
Jacqueline Disanto Teacher Education 718-518-4437 A-107G
Eunice Fleminster Gerontology 718-518-4170 A-107F
Michael Gosset Physical Education 718-518-6736 C-490
Elys Vasquez Health Education 718-518-4160 A-107C
Gregory Marks English 718-319-7958 B-450D
Angel Morales Visual & Performing Arts 718-518-6790 C-416
Walter Rada Modern Languages 718-518-6583 C-431D
Weldon Williams III Black Studies 718-518-6717 C-411B
Inmaculada Bonilla Latin/Caribbean Studies 718-518-6881 C-417
Norma Pena De Llorenz Language & Cognition 718-518-6589 B-519E
Olen Dias Mathematics 718-518-6810 B-415
Julie Trachman Biology 718-518-4132 A-507D
Dr. Nelson Nunez-Rodriguez Physical Sciences 718-518-4137 A-507H

Academic Department Chairpersons

Chairperson Department Phone Email Office
Charles Drago Allied Health 718-518-4114 A-307
Howard Jordan Behavioral & Social Sciences 718-518-6587 B-334
Hector Lopez Business 718-518-6626 C-590A
Sara Church Education 718-518-4165 A-107
Gregory Marks English 718-518-7958 B-450D
Rees Shad Humanities 718-518-6891 C-417
Karin Lundberg Language & Cognition 718-518-6847 B-519C
William Baker Mathematics 718-518-6615 B-416
Francisco Fernandez Natural Sciences 718-518-4136 A-507P