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Caiman Clues — Your Voice is Our Voice

Hostos continues to call for peace and justice. “Let us raise our voices against injustice. Let us seek to find those means, whether through peaceful protest or the ballot box, to ensure the change we need. Whether you point a light to the sky at 9:00 PM every evening, march against injustice, organize a voting drive or volunteer in your community to change things for the better, inspire those around you to build a better future not to merely destroy the present.” - President Gomez  (full Letter here)
Join us, in our Peaceful Protest: one minute of silence, every night at 9pm Send your lights to the sky for George Floyd (cell phones or flashlights) and many others that suffered discrimination over the years in all our nations.
Click here to become a registered voter so your voice is heard!

The College takes pride in its historical role in educating students from diverse ethnic, racial, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, particularly Hispanics and African Americans. Review our full mission statement here. Our commitment to social justice and diversity continues, and will going forward. We will progress forward and encourage you to continue to speak with truth, love and equality for all. Know that you have the ability to evoke change for a peaceful future where all are treated with kindness and respect.
Hostos Community stands with you.
Hostos Community College

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Check your Schedule- Take a look at your schedule on CUNYFirst (were there any cancellations?) and map out where you are going ahead of time.

Bookstore- Log in to Akademos (online campus bookstore) to order your textbooks. Your faculty have already listed on CUNYFirst what you will need.

Financial Aid- Confirm your financial aid funds to cover your tuition bill. Did you apply for BOTH TAP and PELL? If not, you may be leaving some money behind. Check now!

Hostos ID- Make sure you have a valid Hostos ID (get it in the basement of the B building / B-C428). This will allow you access to campus and you’ll avoid long lines at entrances.

Are you taking an online course?- Be sure to take the Are You Ready? Online Readiness Course to learn how to be an online student and succeed in your course.