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Navigating your path to a diploma is a new and exciting time. You may feel a bit nervous but just remember you are not alone. Everyone, from the senior who is about to graduate to the incoming new students who are new to campus, can have trouble finding their way. But, Hostos has your back.

Every week, the College will send out “Caiman Clues” — important tips and deadline reminders about everything from financial aid to advisement.

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Good luck!

Read your Syllabus- All the important information about your class is found in the syllabus your professor(s) will provide. Read it, highlight it, and keep it handy. Record important dates and make your plans. Check out this link on how to use the syllabus.

Know Your Professor - Get to know faculty names and office hours. Professors are here to help you succeed in your career.

September 2 - The College is closed and it is the last day to add/change a course with a fee.

Check your "To Do" list in CUNY First -
did you apply for TAP? (lots of students file for FAFSA and forget TAP!). Your "To Do" list will show you if additional information is needed such as financial aid checklist and/or verification items.  
Now that you have found all your classrooms, bought all your books*, and are excited to learn, why not take a moment to look around and see what else Hostos has to offer? Have something to eat, take in a movie with your peers and browse some workshop offerings. Next week, we’ll point you in the direction of more resources for learning. This week, just settle in and start to get familiar with your campus environment.

Know your Caiman Card- With your Hostos ID, not only can you access each building, but it can be used to buy food at the Hostos Cafe and for printing in our Computer Labs. For more information click here.

Join Clubs - Hostos has many clubs and various campus activities! September 10th at 5:30 pm is movie night in the Student Lounge.

Workshops - Take advantage of the several free student workshops offered by the College. Check the calendar of workshop events here.

Graduating Students - Transfer services office is holding events to help students transfer to a 4-year CUNY school. If you are interested in attending this event please register here.

(*If you have not bought your books or are having trouble ordering them, please see your advisor or success coach for assistance. It’s important not to fall behind in your reading.)
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Remember to follow our Facebook (@HostosCC), Twitter (@HostosCollege) and Instagram (@HostosCollege) for helpful hints you can use all year round.

Don’t Miss Your Caiman Clues — Your Hostos Helping Hand to Success

It’s WEEK 3 already! Time to check your syllabi and make sure you are up to date on assignments and have created a plan for success. There are plenty of resources at Hostos to help you get (and stay!) on track. Be sure to visit the HALC and the library as some good first steps. Staying “on track” requires more than studying, however, so don’t be shy about checking out the Health and Wellness or Counseling Centers. You may even run into them on the bridge at some point, so stop by and introduce yourself. Finally, don’t forget to have some fun and meet some new people. Keep your eyes open for posters and events around campus. We’re here for you!

Important  Resources- Familiarize yourself with some resources the college has to offer, such as: Hostos Academic Learning Center (HALC), Library, Writing Center, Workshops, Wellness Center, and Counseling Center. 

The Link - Regularly check your email for "The Link", our email about campus events. Weeks of Welcome is happening, join us for the remaining 3 days if you haven't stopped by the bridge yet. Get your free slice on Pizza Friday!

Major Change - September 16th is the last day to change your major and for it to be effective in the fall semester.

Don’t forget to check back in for next week’s Caiman Clues.

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Remember to follow our Facebook (@HostosCC), Twitter (@HostosCollege) and Instagram (@HostosCollege) for helpful hints you can use all year round.