Enrolling In Pathways

Who is Affected by Pathways?

You are automatically enrolled in Pathways if you are a:

  • Freshman
  • Transfer student
  • Re-admitted student out for more than one semester (excluding summer)

 You can choose to OPT-IN to Pathways:

Students who enrolled in CUNY before Fall 2013 have the right to opt in to the Pathways Common Core curriculum at the college in which they are currently enrolled. Students who enter a CUNY college in Fall 2013 or thereafter, either as first-time freshmen, transfer, or readmitted students, will be enrolled in the Pathways curriculum. Some readmitted students and others in exceptional circumstances who may be required to complete additional credits under Pathways and could be disadvantaged by the new curriculum may choose to fulfill the general education requirements that were in effect before Fall 2013. Students who wish to change to Pathways, must first schedule an appointment with an academic advisor to determine if they should opt-in to Pathways. If a student wishes to opt-in to Pathways, they will be required to sign a Pathways Initiative Contract. After opting into Pathways students cannot change back to their pre-Pathways degree requirements. Once you complete your degree and transfer to any other CUNY college, you will be in compliance with the Common Core requirements. You will also need to complete the College Option general education requirements of 6-12 credits that must be taken at a CUNY senior college.