Student refunds are posted to the CUNYfirst account normally on the Tuesday of the week. The disbursement takes place as of the Friday of that week, either by direct deposit or as a check in the mail to the address on file in CUNYfirst. If there is no active bank account saved on the student account in CUNYfirst, refunds default to a check sent to the mailing address on your account in CUNYfirst.

Advice regarding refund checks:

  • Be sure to keep your mailing address current in your CUNYfirst account.
  • Deposit or cash your check as soon as possible after you receive it. Stale checks may not be able to be replaced and you risk losing those funds.
  • Do not endorse your check until you are ready to cash or deposit it. If an endorsed check is lost and then cashed, CUNY will not cover the loss.
  • Report any lost or stolen check to the Bursar’ Office immediately.
  • If 10 days have passed since the refund was posted to your account in CUNYFirst and you have not received your refund check in the mail, please come to the Bursar’s office to fill out an affidavit and request a stop payment on a check as lost or stolen. Please note reissued checks can take up to two weeks or more.

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