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Changes, such as opening or closing bank accounts, or changing banks, do not get updated automatically in CUNYfirst. You are responsible for updating your personal bank account information in CUNYfirst. Failure to keep your account information up to date may cause refunds to be transferred to an inactive account and delay your receipt of the funds. If the saved direct deposit account results in an error message (invalid account or Can Not locate), the refund will be reversed, the bank account will be removed from your CUNYfirst account and the refund will be reissued as a paper check. Subsequent refunds will process as a mailed paper check until the direct deposit information is updated on CUNYfirst.

Failure to input accurate bank account information may result in the funds being incorrectly deposited to another person’s bank account. Recovery of monies sent to the wrong account is very problematic.

Double Check/Verify the bank information input before saving.