Hostos Career Services Blackboard Course

The Hostos Career Services Office provides students with the opportunity to enhance career readiness through Blackboard modules focused on key career components and resources. These modules can be completed as a series or individually. The modules are designed to walk you through various aspects and tasks to ensure you are ready for your career journey.  

At Hostos, we want every student to establish a solid foundation for career success following graduation.  These modules complement your coursework and assist in refining skills, competencies, and abilities to help you move forward to career success.  

Hostos students can self-enroll: Link to Blackboard Course

The Career Services Blackboard Course is not an academic course you take for credit or a grade. This course is a self-directed resource you may find helpful in gaining greater insight and knowledge about the career tools and strategies beneficial for your career-readiness and success. Therefore, you will not earn academic credit for completing the course. However, faculty and instructors can elect or choose to incorporate one or more Career Course modules in their respective courses which may impact your course grade and GPA.