Student Tech Fee Plan

For Fiscal Year 2019-2020, Hostos Community College plans to utilize the Student Tech Fee to continue the efforts of the previous years, expand upon successful projects, and initiate new projects to increase student access to current and future technology.

This year, the Tech Fee advisory committee has agreed to maintain and/or expand several items, including increasing the library's electronic resources; further improving availability of assistive technologies to students with disabilities; continued support for academic programs; additional support for SDEM retention and graduation initiatives, and supporting the computer labs, student technology workshops, and faculty development. Technical support personnel continue to assist students & faculty and to maintain hardware & infrastructure, and Hostos has provided valuable work experience to the students who fill a large majority of these roles as College/Lab Assistants. 

In addition to the participation of student committee members, other students were consulted during the proposal development process to help ensure the plan addressed needs they’ve identified, especially surrounding needs in the Library and the Accessibility Resource Center.

Several notable items were not included in this plan, but will receive alternative funding. Smart boards will be installed in one of the Library’s study rooms and the Hostos Academic Learning Commons. In anticipation of a student hub, the college will procure and utilize a virtual queuing solution. A 3D printer will be provided to ARC for assistive technology purposes. Upgrades will be made to the wireless infrastructure and student labs, and out-of-warranty computers will be replaced for EdTech design interns, and Testing Center.

Download the detailed proposal (submitted to CUNY Central Office April 2019):

Hostos Student Tech Fee Plan Proposal FY 2019-2020 (.pdf)


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