Guide to Services

Emergency Situations

For emergency situations, please call Public Safety (x6888) or 911.

Immediate or Urgent Needs

Please call the relevant extension only to report the following conditions or needs; do not create a work order.

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning:  x4190
Unusual Odors or Malodors:  x4190, x4349 or x6888
Leaks, Floods or Spills:  x4488, x6888
Bathroom Supplies:  x4488
Electrical Outage:  x4488
Health and Safety Concerns:  x4349
Exterminator Requests: x4488



Non-Urgent Service Requests

Log in to the Facilities Work Order System here (accessible only on campus).

All non-emergency requests for service must be submitted through the work order system. Use the Facilities Work Order System to request non-urgent repair, cleaning, and maintenance tasks such as light bulb replacement, furniture repairs, installation of shelving, painting, or floor restoration.

For exterminator needs or requests, call x4488; do not submit a work order.

Please note that Campus Operations does not provide furniture assembly services; assembly services must be procured from the furniture vendor.

The work order system organizes tasks for each member of the Campus Operations staff. Requests for service cannot be made to individual members of the engineering, maintenance or custodial staff.