Smart Rooms

Open/Close section Usage Agreement
By reserving and/or using the SmartRoom, the requestor indicates that he/she has read and accepted the terms of this usage agreement.

Requestor’s Responsibilities:
  • The requestor is responsible for the care of the room and its equipment and is expected to keep it in good condition.
  • In case of theft, negligence or damage to the lab equipment, the requestor is financially responsible for replacement or repair costs.
  • The SmartRoom can only be used during the requested times specified in the reservation.
  • The requestor is responsible for observing and enforcing the following rules while using the lab:

    • The smart rooms are available for educational activities only.
    • Food or drinks are not allowed in the rooms.
    • Students are not allowed in the rooms without an instructor present.
    • Equipment or furnishing shall not be taken out of the room.
    • Instructors must turn off projectors after each use.
    • Instructors must log off (and not shut down) at the end of class.
    • Instructor must ensure that no student remains in the room. 
    • Instructors must secure the room after each use.
  • If any equipment in the room malfunctions or any assistance is needed, the requestor should contact CTSC at 718-518-6523 for immediate assistance.
  • Equipment or furnishing shall not be moving in the classroom from its original place.
The equipment in the room remains the property of Hostos Community College and may not be taken outside the lab.

Terms and Conditions

The lab equipment remains property of Hostos Community College and cannot be taken outside the lab. The requestor is responsible for replacement or repair costs if the lab equipment is not returned in good working condition.
Open/Close section Smartroom Reservation Procedures
  • Prior to usage of any SmartRoom, faculty must become SmartRoom Certified (by taking a workshop offered by EdTech) to learn how to properly operate the SmartRoom technology.
  • Faculty should justify the need for a SmartRoom, and provide the intended outcomes
  • Faculty must contact the Registrar's Office in order to request/reserve a SmartRoom.
  • SmartRoom reservations for the entire semester should be made through the department chair, and done before the semester starts.
  • Faculty must enforce the rules and regulations that are posted in the labs, and abide by the responsibilities listed in the usage agreement.
  • The computers in the podiums run Windows 10.
  • Users have access to all the software provided by the College.
  • Some software, such as Windows, may run with certain restrictions.
  • The Department Coordinator must notify CTSC before the start of the semester for software installation and must provide valid licenses.
  • CTSC will not install special use software without conclusive proof that a valid license agreement exists for the requested software package. It is the responsibility of the person making the installation request to provide this proof and be responsible for any legal issues that may arise in connection with software installation or use.
  • A minimum of fifteen (15) working days must be allowed to fulfill any special request.
  • While every attempt will be made to accommodate reasonable special requests, CTSC may not be able to honor last minute emergency requests.
Open/Close section Smartroom Priority Use Selection Criteria
  • Instructor must provide a short description of how the course will utilize the functionality of the smart classroom to help achieve the class objectives
  • Instructor should have used Blackboard in the past
  • Instructor must answer yes to at least one of the following activities:

    • My course will use online video in the classroom
    • My course will use PowerPoint to augment teaching
    • My course will utilize lecture capture
    • My course will include real-time annotations of presentations
NOTE: Priority will be given to hybrid sections.