Smart Classrooms

Smart Classrooms made their debut at Hostos Community College in the Spring of 2012 and now there are 34 Smart Classrooms located throughout the campus. Each room is equipped with smart board technology that includes projectors, touch-screen, DVD, hi-resolution sound and audio/video recording capabilities. The interaction with smart boards, the projection capabilities and ability to play sounds and videos, create the ultimate learning environment and expand the use of labs beyond computer classes. Every day, more business, English, math, science and language classes are using instructional labs and smart rooms.

Faculty can reserve a smart classroom through the Registrar's Office.  See the CTSC Smart Classroom Reservation Procedures.

A–Allied Health Building B–500 Grand Concourse C–East Academic Complex
A-331 B-501 C-351
A-425 B-505 C-352
A-425C B-506 C-355
A-431 B-507 C-356
A-432 B-508 C-359
A-435 B-509 C-451
A-436 B-511 C-462
A-536 B-515 (Computer Laptop hide-away tables) C-463
C-512 (Computer Lab with a projector and small podium)
C-592 (Computer Lab with a projector and screen)