Mobile Active Sync Setup

Access your Hostos email from your mobile device!Get connected with your Hostos email now! In just a few simple steps you can check your Hostos email, calendar and contacts directly from your IOS or Android mobile device without having to log-in through our web page. You can quickly and easily connect with your professors, classmates and receive class status updates.

Tips on Mobile E-mail Use:

  1. Always select your Hostos account as the “From” e-mail address when sending messages to Hostos faculty and staff; e-mails received from non-Hostos e-mail accounts will not be read/responded to
  2. Always use a passcode on your mobile device – this helps prevent unauthorized access to your email and other information
  3. Mobile data can result in high usage very quickly – check with your service provider for plans that best suit your data usage
  4. Setup your device with a tracking solution such as Findmyiphone (for Apple iOS devices) or Where’s My Droid (for Android devices)* in the event that your device is lost or stolen to help you recover it.

*All products/services described here are property of their respective owners. Hostos Community College does not explicitly endorse/support any of these products/services, is not responsible for any loss of data/device and is simply providing these as examples of possible products/services that are available off of the respective app stores.

By configuring your device to connect to the Hostos e-mail system, you are agreeing to the following:

  1. You will not violate the CUNY Acceptable Use Computer Policy
  2. You will not impersonate others or misrepresent yourself when using the Hostos e-mail
  3. You will not engage in any illegal activities using Hostos e-mail or systems including but not limited to mass e-mailing, spam, solicitation or sale of controlled substances, etc.
  4. You will not hold Hostos Community College liable for any damage or loss of bodily, physical or electronic property or any legal or financial charges resulting from the use of this service or use of devices to connect to this service
  5. Hostos Community College reserves all rights to the operation and provisioning of this service as well as discontinuing/suspending the service and is not obligated to guarantee 24x7x365 availability although best effort will be maintained to ensure the continuity of this service unless technical, legal, financial or policy decisions dictate otherwise.

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