College Issued Cellphone Usage Policy

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Hostos Community College provides cellular telephones/smartphones, as approved by departmental supervisors. They are provided to assist employees in communicating effectively with other employees and outside clients/vendors as deemed necessary. All Customer Service calls should be directed to the IT Service Desk during the hours of 9A-6PM via walk-in or calling 718-518-6646.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this policy is to provide acceptable use terms regarding the use of and responsibilities required as a Hostos Community College issued cell phone/smartphone user.

  • Cell phones/smartphones that are purchased and issued through the Information Technology Department are the property of Hostos Community College. The primary use of the device is for college-related business. Personal use of an assigned device should be occasional, for example, during business related trips or emergencies. Phone bills will be monitored for any “excessive” usage. Each user has 600 peak minutes per month. Unlimited night and weekend minutes are included. All excess minutes or charges will be billed to the individual and must be repaid to the college within 60 days to avoid suspension of service.
Nights Monday- Thursday 9PM to 5AM
Weekend Friday 9PM – Monday 5AM
Unlimited Mobile to Mobile AT&T to AT&T ONLY
Charges for Over 600 min usage $0.45 per minute
Text Messaging Included
International voice/data Not included, contact IT

NOTE: Under no circumstances should the assigned cellphone be used as a replacement for a personal cell phone or residential landline phone.

  • Individuals to whom cellular/smart phones have been provided are responsible for the security and maintenance of the phones and must promptly report any damage, theft, or vandalism to the Information Technology Department. Individuals will be responsible for the cost of replacing damaged phones and accessories. Devices that are lost or stolen will have to be replaced by the individual/department and a report with Public Safety or the Police Department will have to be filed and presented to IT. These cases must be reported to the IT Department immediately so the data can be erased remotely and the device locked to prevent malicious use of the device or data.
  • Safe use of the cell phone is of the utmost importance. You must abide by all local laws concerning the use of cell phones while driving. A hands free device should be utilized if talking while driving; do not text and drive.
  • Upon separation from the college, the device and all provided accessories must be returned

College Issued Cellphone Usage Policy Aknowledgement

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Last Updated: 08/24/23