Hostos Distribution List


  1. Any request to send email messages to faculty and/or staff through the Hostos Distribution List must be approved either by the President, Vice Presidents, Deans, Department Chairs, or Senior Administrators.

    Where the members of affiliated groups or committees are to be included, the President, Provost, or other authorized official of each division or department must approve the inclusion of its members in the mailing.
  2. After the message is authorized, the sender must contact the appropriate office:
    1. For mailings to Hostos faculty or staff (Hostos Distribution List).

      The Office of Academic Affairs can be reached at 718-518-6660 or via the OAA Mass Email Distribution Request form.

      The Office of Administration & Finance can be reached at 718-518-4308 (

    2. For combined mailings to Hostos students, faculty, and/or staff.

      Call or email Office of Department of Information Technology at 718-518-6636/6646 (email: to request a message
      approval or inclusion as a member.
  3. The timing and the graphics of the message must be approved by the Assistant Vice President of Information Technology, or his authorized representative, to ensure that it will not disrupt the email system. Normally, delivery will be scheduled as soon as the message is submitted and approved. The message must be created in a simple text and/or graphics so that the minimum amount of server space is occupied and network bandwidth is not affected. The message body must be in plain text. The inclusion of attachments in broadcast messages is not allowed because of the possibility of spreading a virus and possibility of a large document sent via email.

    If the messages are graphic intensive and are not suitable to be sent as an email or email attachment, the sender may also request from the Assistant Vice President of Information Technology or his authorized representative for a special posting of the message on Personal Access Computers (PACs) located in various lobbies. The discretion to post these messages on PACs lies with the Assistant Vice President ofInformation Technology.
  4. The sender of the message will be given authorization to use the list only for the approved message. His/her rights to the list will be revoked after the message has been posted.
  5. The headers of the message or the mailing list must include a Reply-to: with an individual, group, or file address where replies will be received and responded to as appropriate. This need not be the sender. Reply mailboxes can be requested from the IT department.

    Note that the mailing lists are set up so that individual recipients cannot reply to the lists or send messages to them.

    The Reply-to: address should also be mentioned in the text of the message and a telephone number and office address for other inquiries should also be given.

  6. Except in emergencies, at least two working days notice is required for any such mailing. In any case, several hours may be required to set up such a mailing, and the message is sent in batches over another several hours so as not to compromise normal email delivery.