Password Policy

The following policy is regarding the new minimum password standards, password aging and history, and resetting of password at Hostos Community College. The purpose of this policy is to comply with City University of New York regulations effective August 6, 2007. At the same time, this policy reduces the security and privacy risks that result from weak password selection by Hostos faculty, staff, and students.

Hostos Community College users shall select passwords according to the following:

  • Password Minimum Length (new): A password must be no fewer than eight (8) characters.

    Information Technology recommends NOT to use your user ID, first name, or your last name as your password. It is also recommended that you use a password that contains a combination of uppercase, lowercase and numeric characters.
  • Password Aging. Hostos Community College computer users must change their passwords at least every 90 days. Attempts to login using an expired password will not succeed. After changing a password, a computer user must wait at least one day before changing his or her password again.
  • Password History. Reuse of any of the account's five prior passwords will not be permitted.

Any user whose password does not meet this requirement will result in a rejection while attempting to change their password. Advance warnings of upcoming password expiration will prompt the user five (5) days prior to expiration. These repeated reminders will appear until the expiration date upon which you will not be permitted to login until you have changed your password.

In case of incorrectly entering your password for five (5) times, your account will be immediately locked out. Your account will be unlocked after 15 minutes of wait time.

Use the Self Service Page if you forgot your password or if it has expired.

All users that need to change their password, can reset their password using the Self Service Page or they can come to the Information Technology Department (Room B-420) along with their Hostos ID or State ID in order to reset their password. 
Passwords will NOT be reset via telephone.

For remote Hostos users, if they need to change their password due to forgotten password or password expired, they need to reset their password using the Self Service Page.

Last Updated: 8/24/23