Caiman Card App

Manage your Caiman Card account on your mobile device through the Transact eAccounts.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to make a deposit using the Caiman Card App you must use the Caiman Card eAccounts website to make an initial deposit. During the initial deposit, you will need to save your payment method for future use.

Transact Mobile eAccounts application provides quick and easy access to the most popular features of Transact eAccounts. Users affiliated with Hostos Community College can securely manage local campus stored value accounts and ID card status directly through the app.

Key Features & Benefits:
  • View current account balances
  • View recent transactions by account
  • Make real-time deposits to your account using a previously-saved payment method
  • Deactivate a lost or stolen ID card
Once the App is installed and opened, select "CUNY Hostos Community College" to set up your account information.
Download the "eAccounts" App from
Google play or iTunes app stores

Google play  App Store

How to setup the Caiman Card App on your mobile device <pdf>