Card Benefits

The advantages of using the Dining account include:

  • Use it to buy food at the Hostos Café
  • Buy snacks at select vending machines
  • Earn a 5% bonus when you deposit at least $50 into your Dining account.
  • Did you know you could have a family member or a friend deposit money into your account?
Note: The Bonus can only be used when there are no Dining funds remain in your account.

  • All food purchases by students using their Caiman Card are tax-free!
  • You can also use your Caiman Card to print/copy when you run out of your allotted funds. Simply log in to the Caiman Card eAccount site or go to a PHiL Station and choose the Print/Copy option.
Note: Be sure to use all your Dining, Bonus, and Print/Copy funds in your account, as they will expire if you do not enroll at Hostos for three (3) consecutive semesters.