A.A.S. in Registered Nursing - Evening Program

RN A.A.S. Degree
Evening Program Option – Admission is in the Spring Semester and Graduation is in December (4 clinical semesters)
Curriculum Design

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Pre-Requisite and General Education Requirements:
A 3.0 G.P.A with a B- or higher in ENG 110, BIO 230, 240, 310, CHE 110,
MATH 120 is required for entry into the RN Program. 
Only one course below minimum requirement is allowed to be repeated
All other prerequisite courses must earn a grade of C or higher
No Sciences older than 5 years will be accepted at the time of entry into NUR 216
(These courses must be taken PRIOR to the clinical sequence which is set to begin in the spring semester)
*ENG 110 Expository Writing 3.0 credits
PSY 101 General Psychology 3.0 credits
BIO 230 Anatomy and Physiology I 4.0 credits
*MAT 120 Statistics 3.0 credits
ENG 111 Literature and Composition 3.0 credits
*BIO 240 Anatomy and Physiology II 4.0 credits
PSY 110 Life-Span Development of Behavior 3.0 credits
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 3.0 credits
HLT 215 Nutrition 3.0 credits
*BIO 310 Microbiology 4.0 credits
*CHE 110 Introduction to Chemistry 4.0 credits
Students are required to complete all pre-requisites prior to the start of the clinical nursing component. * ENG 110, BIO 230, 240, 310, CHE 110 and MAT 120 requires a minimum grade of B- for admission to the RN Program.  BIO 310 may be taken with NUR 216 but it is highly recommended it be completed before NUR 216.
The ATI TEAS Test is required for admission to the Nursing Program. This is offered in December to enter the program for the spring. Information and testing information is available at atitesting.com
•    2 Writing Intensive Courses are required for graduation.  To fulfill graduation requirements students will take two writing intensive courses within the clinical phase.
Departmental Requirements:
•    Students will NOT be considered if they fail or repeat TWO Pre-requisites.
•    No Sciences older than 5 years will be accepted at the time of entry this includes the following: BIO 230, BIO 240, BIO 310 and CHE 110.
•    Students must take the ATI TEAS Test in order to qualify for entrance. The exam is offered in December ONLY for the RN Evening program. The ATI TEAS exam MUST be taken at HOSTOS ONLY, scores from other institutes will NOT be accepted.    
•    Students must achieve a GPA of 3.0 or higher in order to enter the AAS RN Program with a B- in ENG 110, BIO 230, 240, 310 and CHE 110, MATH 120.