Business Management

BUS 100 INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS 3 credits / 3 hours
(Formerly BUS 1802)
Prerequisite: MAT 1604 or higher 
Co-requisites: For sections in Spanish: Exempt from or passed SPA 121. For sections in English: ESL 091 or above. For sections in Spanish, ESL 035 or above.
The student will discuss and analyze problems relating to financing and operating a business, and will demonstrate knowledge of the functions of a business including terms, such as human resources and market management. The student will explain the principles of business management, such as planning, staffing, organizing, directing, and decision making. The student will participate in individual and group written analysis and oral presentation of cases. The student will also apply analytical thinking by solving business problems using microcomputers in a laboratory setting. Offered in English and Spanish.
Prerequisite: ACC 1841 (or former ACC 1852)
The student will learn the skills needed by a personal financial counselor. Topics will include consumer credit, budgets, home ownership, insurance, pensions, investing, taxes, and wills and trusts. Computer spreadsheets and case studies will be used.
BUS 110 BUSINESS ETHICS 3 credits / 3 hours
Prerequisite: BUS 100 and ENG 091 or ESL 091
This course examines the origins, principles, and practices of business ethics within the context of the work environment. Students will examine, analyze, and discuss ethical issues concerning consumerism, civil rights, ecology, technological change (cyberethics), and social responsibility from a moral and philosophical perspective. Topics will include: contemporary conceptual frameworks for business ethics, the corporation in society, business in its diverse moral contexts, marketplace and workplace issues, and the moral manager. Both descriptive and case studies of unethical decision making in business will be analyzed.
BUS 201 PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT 3 credits / 3 hours
(Formerly BUS 1813)
Prerequisite: BUS 100, ACC 102 
Co-requisites: MAT 1628
The student will examine the historical, developmental, and contemporary aspect of management. The student will be introduced to qualitative as well as quantitative tools and techniques, and to management case materials. In addition, the student will study the role of the manager as a decision maker in a dynamic environment.
BUS 203 BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS 3 credits / 3 hours
(Formerly MSS 5664)
Prerequisite: OT 101 or CIP 101 or department permission 
Pre/Co-requisite: ENG 110
The student will plan and write a variety of business letters, memos, emails, and reports for business audiences at the computer; revise and proofread business communications; develop speaking skills and gather information for reports through research and interviewing. The student will be required to make oral presentations and be made aware of the need for teamwork and the human relations aspect of communicating either in writing or orally.
BUS 210 BUSINESS LAW I 3 credits / 3 hours
(Formerly BUS 1809)
Prerequisite: BUS 100
This course begins with an introduction to the American legal system, court system, common law, and statutory law as they relate to contracts. The course examines the essential principles of the law of business contracts in depth. Through the use of cases, the principles are applied to typical modern business transactions. Heavy emphasis is placed on case analysis and student participation. Particular reference is made to New York law.
BUS 212 BUSINESS LAW II 3 credits / 3 hours
(Formerly BUS 1811)
Prerequisite: BUS 210
The student will be introduced to the law of agency, partnerships, and corporations. Particular emphasis will be placed on the analysis of business transactions in recent New York cases.
BUS 220 PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING 3 credits / 3 hours
(Formerly BUS 1815)
Prerequisite: BUS 100 ; MAT 1604 or higher
The student will undertake a basic survey of marketing focusing on the methods, policies, and institutions involved in the flow of goods and services from the conception of the product to the adoption of the product by the consumer. The social and legal environment in which marketing operates will be analyzed. Other topics include consumer behavior, marketing organization, product planning, pricing, promotion, and channels of distribution.
BUS 222 PRINCIPLES OF FINANCE 3 credits / 3 hours
Prerequisite: ACC 101
The student will be introduced to the principles of corporate financial analysis and management. Starting with an examination of tax factors in financial decision making, the student will examine the concepts of financial statements analysis and planning, capital budgeting, and long term financing of a company's growth through the use of debt and equity securities. The course emphasizes quantitative analysis.
BUS 230 E-COMMERCE 3 credits / 3 hours
(Formerly BUS 1820)
Prerequisite: BUS 100
This course introduces students to the rapidly evolving concepts of e-commerce. Students will analyze the estrategies of various firms and examine how companies are using the Internet to solve business problems. Topics to be covered include marketing, sales procurement, managerial decision making, supply chain management, and on-line financial investment decisions.
BUS 240 ENTREPRENEURSHIP 3 credits / 3 hours
(Formerly BUS 1822)
Prerequisite: BUS 100
This course examines the fundamentals of how to start and operate a small business. Students are introduced to the importance of small business, its status, problems, and requirements for success. Students are also introduced to the various methods of how a successful entrepreneur functions in today's competitive business world. Students will learn the steps leading to the establishment of an independent business involving the choice of the form of business structure, financial needs and cash flow management, startup, marketing strategies and market research, legal and tax issues, and management practices. Preparing and presenting a usable Business Plan is a term requirement and the culmination of this course.
BUS 250 Principles of International Business 3 credits / 3 hours
Pre-requisite: BUS 201 
Co-requisites: SPA 121 for sections offered in Spanish; ESL 91 or ENG 91 for sections offered in English
This course examines relationship between the economic, legal, social, and cultural factors that impact international business in world markets. Major areas of analysis include: The evolution and changing patterns of international business relations; principles dealing with world trade; foreign environments and the ongoing development of opportunities in international business; the responses of multinational firms to these opportunities; global operations; human resource management and the necessary global managerial skills required for success in such activities. The students will also apply written, analytical and critical thinking skills to review questions, ethics case studies, exercises, as well as assigned periodical literature.