Dr. Denise Cummings-Clay serves as a tenure-track faculty member in the Education Department, Teacher Education unit. Coming to Hostos with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science Education and a Master’s degree in College Student Personnel Work from Indiana State University, and the Ph.D. in Adult and Higher Education from the University of Oklahoma, she has contributed to the Hostos Community College community since 2012 by engaging students in learning through Education courses taught while she served at Hostos as an Adjunct and Substitute Assistant Professor respectively. Dr. Cummings-Clay has background in the area of experiential learning, which has fostered the intellectual growth and Service Learning experiences of EDU 104 and EDU 113 Education students. Dr. Cummings-Clay has taught each of the Early Childhood Education courses offered at Hostos. She has writing intensive, hybrid, and asynchronous Hostos teaching certifications and experience. In 2015, she published a customized textbook for the Field Experience in Education course (EDU 113) at Hostos, which provided students with an added cutting-edge academic resource.
Dr. Cummings-Clay is founding Chair of the New York City Montessori Charter School Board of Trustees and currently serves as Chair of the Board’s Education Committee. Prior to joining the Hostos faculty, Dr. Cummings-Clay served as Director of Adult Education for the South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation.
Her plans are to conduct research in the areas of the motivation of children in the classroom, Montessori education and the Common Core New York State Standards, and/or the development of new teaching and learning models.