Grindley was born on an island off the West Coast of Canada. Well, actually he wasn't. He was really born in Ontario, but he tells everyone he was born on Vancouver Island in the Province of British Columbia. British Columbia is way more beautiful and hip than Ontario, which is ugly. Grindley's life's dream was to be a CUNY professor and he worked diligently from age 16 to make those dreams come true. The dream was to be a professor of Slavonic Studies, but, you know, close enough. Since joining CUNY in 2004, Grindley has tried to be a good New Yorker, and mostly keeps to himself. Grindley splits his time between Hostos and The CUNY School of Professional Studies where he mostly performs academic assessments, and teaches film studies and science fiction.

Teaching and Research Interests:

Dr. Grindley's current research interests include academic assessment, online education, and creative writing.