Christine E. Hutchins completed her Doctorate in English at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York and her Masters in English at Columbia University.

Teaching and Research Interests:
Professor Hutchins teaches Expository Writing, Literature and Composition, Shakespeare, and Bible and Literature. She coordinates The Othello Teaching Project, an Open Educational Resource linking instructors and students across institutions and geographic divides in the teaching and learning of Othello, race, and domestic violence,

Her scholarly writing on early modern literature appears in The Ben Johnson Journal, Reformation, Studies in Philology, and other publications. She selected and edited Gale/Cengage’s Shakespearean Criticism contributions on Shakespeare’s Sonnets. Her scholarly writing on pedagogy appears in Journal on Centers for Teaching and Learning and Teaching English in the Two-Year College. She has contributed articles and reviews to On The Issues: A Magazine of Feminist, Progressive Thinking, including a brief history of the word “misogyny.” Her academic interests include Shakespeare, Chaucer, sonnets, lyric poetry, combatants on all sides of the early modern Reformations of Religion, and Renaissance reception of Medieval English literature.

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