English Program

Our English Composition program is designed to enable student to use written and spoken English as a flexible, creative tool to express ideas. Emphasis is given to the essentials of English composition, the nature of language, and literature as an enriching source of experience. In order to enter ENG 110, all students must have passed the CUNY/ACT Reading and Writing Tests or be exempted from them.

ENG 110 Expository Writing (3 credits)
ENG 111 Literature and Composition (3 credits)
For entering students who have passed the CUNY/ACT proficiency tests, the above 6-credit sequence is required for satisfying the core requirements of the A.A. and A.S. degrees. In addition, some Clusters and Options (e.g. Women's Studies and Pre-Engineering) require one or more Elective English courses.
english  program
After completing Core English requirements, students may elect to study for an Option in English. In order to complete an English Option and receive a Hostos degree in Liberal Arts, students must:
Pass or be exempt from the CUNY/ACT Reading and Writing tests
Complete 60 credits distributed over various academic areas
Pass ENG 110 and 111 with a minimum grade of "C" or better
Obtain grades of "C" or better in English electives
Pass the CUNY Proficiency Examination (CPE)
Hostos has an articulation agreement with Lehman College whereby students who graduate with an Option in English can transfer seamlessly into Lehman's English program, and after taking two 300-level courses there, obtain a Minor in English.