Modern Languages

The study of modern languages is designed to help students acquire elementary communication skills in French, Italian,  or Spanish
 for daily social and professional purposes, and for career goals; to encourage students who wish to reinforce and develop their native language written and verbal comprehension skills; and to offer those students who already possess developed linguistic abilities the opportunity to pursue offerings in language and literature in French, Italian, and Spanish.
In the elementary offerings, the use of the vernacular will be limited to the minimum necessary to insure comprehension. Only the modern language itself will be used in composition and literature courses.
In the above offerings, credit is earned by the achievement of the course objectives through oral and written tests. To attain conversational skills in the 01 and 02 sequence, attendance is mandatory at each class meeting, reinforced by a minimum of one-hour-per-week oral practice in the language laboratory. We urge the student to arrange immediately for the 01-02 elementary sequence without interruption, in order to solidify those skills established initially.
In the advanced courses, credit is earned by the development of skills basic to the appreciation of literature. These include the identification of literary genres, analysis of texts, patterns reflected in a given work, comparison of stylistic modes, and the organization of ideas in writing techniques.
An integral part of Modern Languages course offerings is development in Spanish composition. A student placed in SPA 121 is required to complete the Spanish composition sequence. The skills developed in this sequence are fundamental for successful performance in content courses taught in Spanish. A diagnostic test will be administered during the first week of classes, in all language courses, to assess and assure accurate placement.
Students in Liberal Arts are encouraged to take six (6) credits in one, and the same, language.
Students interested in continuing the study of modern languages should be advised by members of the Modern Languages faculty.
The Epsilon Chapter of SIGMA DELTA MU (the nation's largest honor society in the field of foreign languages) was initiated at Hostos Community College in 2005 by the Modern Languages Unit of the Humanities Department.
Students will be granted a citation proficiency certificate upon completion of two courses in Spanish, French or Italian in which the student score averages 3.0 or higher in the courses taken.


Hostos CC - Spanish Placement Test

Please answer the questions to the best of your ability. If you cannot complete a section, leave it blank and do not worry; this test will not result in any grade, it will simply be used to determine your Spanish level and the class you will be assigned to take.

Contact Person: Prof. Humberto Ballesteros, Assistant Professor & Unit Coordinator
Modern Languages Unit, B.A., M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.