Visual and Performing Arts Unit

Here at Hostos there are many opportunities to explore the visual and performing arts.
With courses as far ranging as painting and drawing, art history, digital design, animation, public speaking, acting, music, and audio  recording, students can pursue many possible creative paths. 
Those who elect to earn credits in the visual and performing arts will find a variety of approaches to learning that include lecture and studio based classes as well as workshops that allow for the exploration of extracurricular interests or even for the development of career centered skill sets vital to the pursuit of employment opportunities.
The successful completion of courses in the arts are a useful and, in many cases, essential basis for study in other disciplines. They are also a valuable source for personal development. The Visual and Performing Arts unit now offers an Associates of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Digital Design and Animation as well as in Digital Music.
Students interested in planning a concentration in the visual and performing arts are advised to consult with the Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator.

Contact Person: Prof. Natasha Lorca Yannacañedo, Associate Professor, Coordinator of Visual and Performing Arts Unit, B.A., M.F.A., YANNACANEDO@HOSTOS.CUNY.EDU