BMI TEAM is a CUNY wide program designed to unite Black and Latinx STEM majors in order to enhance the experience of incoming freshmen and upperclassmen. Through mentoring, tutoring, and networking, BMI TEAM hopes to instill the key skills and values necessary to ensure future success as members move forward in their studies and careers. TEAM stands for Together wE Achieve More emphasizing the community that will be built and the subsequent possibilities that will open up for every member. This community will be born from the shared backgrounds and experiences of members.

Mentors will guide incoming freshmen, showing them how to juggle ever increasing workloads and other aspects of school life. These mentors are veterans of college life and will be invaluable support nets who will be available for one on one talks. Our specialized tutors will help freshmen with STEM coursework and provide additional tips to help them with their exams throughout the semester.

Events and conferences will serve not only as a means of networking and reflection, but also as information sessions regarding careers in the STEM fields, research opportunities, scholarships, and workshops. BMI TEAM is a program found in other CUNY schools and as such, we will be in frequent contact with these other BMI programs.

BMI TEAM looks toward to becoming widespread and helping to increase the representation of minorities in STEM fields!


To become a BMI TEAM Member:

  1. Be a freshmen or incoming freshmen pursuing one of the STEM Majors (Engineering, Liberal Arts in Science, Mathematics, Forensic Science)
  2. Click here to fill out the intake form