Event Coordination

Cultural and educational events are an important part of campus life and successful events require collaboration between faculty and staff. 

Guest Speakers for Open Events
When requesting stipends for guest speakers, it is important to note that:

  1. Coordination with a department COA is required to process all payments
  2. In order to process payment for stipends, guest speakers must submit both a W-9 and Honorarium Form. Coordinating faculty are responsible for collecting these forms and submitting them to the COA who will use the forms when creating the CUNYfirst requisition to facilitate payment.  These forms can only be used for payments less than $250.
  3. Any stipends larger than $250 require that the guest become a city vendor which is a time intensive process and should only be requested for events that anticipate more than 100 participants. For stipends larger than $250, contact Jacinta Patrice-George, Associate Director of Academic Affairs, for assistance.