Hiring & Managing Staff

Principal Investigators and Project Directors that intend to hire staff to work on their program and/or project must adhere to the guidelines listed below.  Review your budget prior to the recruitment process and ensure that you have budget lines for personnel.
Note that the Research Foundation of CUNY is an E-Verify employer and completion of the I-9 and E-Verify processes are required to onboard staff.

For more information on E-Verify, click here.

New Hires and Re-Hire Guidelines:
**Follow the below steps and contact our office after the applicant has accepted the PI's offer of employment. **
  • As of April 2020, paper new hire and rehire packets are no longer used. The Research Foundation has transitioned to the "RF Onboard" electronic system that can be accessed here
  • As per the RF, Principal investigators (PIs) must post vacancies for Full-time and Part-time A positions. 
  • The classification of an RF employee is based on the number of hours that they will work on a bi-weekly basis:
    • Full-time (employee works 70 hours)
    • Part-time A (employee works more than 38, but less than 70 hours)
    • Part-time B (employee works 38 hours or less)
  • A rehire is defined by the RF as any employee of RFCUNY that is reappointed after a break in service lasting 120 or more days.  Thus, a rehire must undergo the onboarding process whenever they have been off of payroll for 4 or more months
  • To confirm whether or not the person that you are hiring is a rehire, contact Victor_Caceres@rfcuny.org
  • New hires and rehires should not begin to work until the I-9/E-Verify AND electronic packet is completed and submitted by the employee and PI and then processed by the Research Foundation.  Contact our office for the internal new hire/rehire form to begin the I-9/E-Verify process.
  • All hires will receive a "welcome email" from the Research Foundation that lists their employee ID as well as instructions for logging into their RF account. 
  • All new employees must complete the RF's harassment prevention training. Click here to access the training module.
PAF System
The Personnel Action Form system can be used by Principal Investigators to modify or terminate an employee's appointment.
Learn how to submit transactions and become informed about the approval process by clicking on the below training videos.
EPAF Part 1 Additions & Renewals (16m:37s)  
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EPAF Part 2 Modifications & Termination (16m:36s)
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User Manual 
For further information and system terminology, please review the above user manual.

Resources: Click here for the most up to date information on hiring and managing your RF staff.