Mass Email Distribution Request

Mass Email Distribution Request Form

*NEW* (effective immediately)


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Effective January 2021 and updated, effective December 2023, the Office of Academic Affairs implemented a policy for members of the campus community who wish to send emails to the mass email distribution lists.

Any member of the campus community who wishes to broadcast an announcement to a large group of campus members from the Office of Academic Affairs email must make the request using the Mass Email Distribution Request Form (linked above).
Mass Email Distribution Lists include, but are not limited to,
  • Hostos Distribution List (HDL) - All full-time faculty and staff across divisions
  • Higher Education Officers List (HEOL) - All HEOs, HEO associates, HEO assistants, and assistant HEOs
  • List of Teaching Faculty (LoTF) - All full-time faculty from all ranks and titles
  • Adjunct Faculty List (AL) - All part-time faculty
  • Student Distribution List (SDL) - Alumni and students enrolled during 2 prior semesters
  • Current Semester Student List (CSSL) - All students enrolled in the current semester

About the Form
The form is powered by Microsoft Office 365. All Hostos/CUNY members are entitled to a free account. Members of the campus community can claim an account by going to and signing in using CUNYFirst username and password. Anyone with trouble claiming an account should contact IT helpdesk for assistance (

Why do we have to use the request form?
Academic Affairs receives requests from departments, offices, and programs throughout the Division of Academic Affairs. Submitting a form helps the sender think through the elements of the message being communicated and helps our office respond in a timely and organized way.
How will the information be presented?
A weekly email will be sent. The email will include the submitted information into one of three (3) sections: (1) Information Corner, (2) Events Happening This Week, and (3) Upcoming Events. The request form is customized to prompt the requestor to include the required elements for each section. More details appear below.

1. Information Corner: What information can be included in the outgoing message?
Information that can be included in the Information Corner section of the message includes the kind of information listed below. The submitter must include a name or title for the informational item and a URL that takes the recipient to a live webpage or shared Microsoft 365 document. All submissions for this section must include a working link that gives more information about the item. Information that can be included in this section includes, but is not limited to,
  • office or program hours of operation
  • policy statements, reminders, and updates
  • best practices
  • applications that are or may become available and can benefit the campus community

2. Events Happening This Week Section: What information can be included in the outgoing message?
Information about events and activities happening during a given week will appear in the Events Happening This Week section. Submissions must include: a) name of the event, b) date, time, and location of the event; c) primary contact name and email and d) webpage link (optional). Descriptions of the event will not be included in the email sent to the distribution list. The submitter can provide that infromation on a webpage or shared document.

3. Upcoming Events Section: What information can be included in the outgoing message?
Events and activities can be submitted for inclusion in the Upcoming Events section up to two weeks in advance of the date of the activity.

How far in advance should I submit the request form? 
Email messages will be distributed every Monday. Requests must be submitted a minimum of 5 business days (one full week business week) in advance of the first date of distribution. For example, if your event is on January 30, 2024 and you want the event to be included two weeks in advance, you should submit the request by Monday, January 8. The submitted information will be included in the Upcoming Events/Activities section on Monday, January 15 and Monday January 22. On Monday, January 29, your event will appear in the Happening This Week section.
If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints about the policy or practices, please contact Office of Academic Affairs by sending your contact information and concern to