Course Descriptions

CUNY Start offers intensive instruction in academic reading/writing, pre-college math, and weekly college success seminars on either a full-time or part-time basis. Students learn how to successfully prepare for campus life and make the most out of the college experience.  While enrolled in the program, students have up to two opportunities to meet CUNY prociency standards. Individuals who complete the program are better prepared for college-level coursework and in many cases are able to bypass required remedial coursework. At the completion of the semester, program staff assist students with registering for next semester's courses. 

Pre-College Math

Building on high school and high school equivalency-level math skills, Pre-College Math focuses on more complex topics in algebra.  Topics include functions in new settings and the manipulation of expressions.  Understanding is maximized through in-depth study of core math concepts in an interactive, supportive learning environment.

Academic Reading & Writing

Through an interdisciplinary curriculum, students build key reading and writing skills and broaden their general background knowledge. Skill development includes argumentative and analytic writing, and college-level reading and study skills.

College Success Preparation

All students in CUNY Start participate in weekly seminars to explore their academic identity and learn about college demands and campus resources. Individual and small group advisement sessions outside of class time help students align their career goals with educational requirements and prepare them for academic achievement and graduation.

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