How to Enroll

1.   Apply to Hostos Community College.

2.   Have a proficiency index placement. 
  • Check to make sure your proficiency index scores indicate a remedial intervention is necessary.
  • If you do not have index proficiency scores, please contact Hostos Admission’s office. You can also visit our admission page here.
3.   Schedule an information session and personal interview.
  • Email us or call our main office at 718-518-6851 to set up an appointment. 
  • Bring a photo ID and a pen to take notes.
  • Information session can take up to one hour or longer. 
4.   Complete the registration process.
  • You may need to visit additional campus departments to finalize your application (for example, if you need to submit your required immunization paperwork). You will get personalized instructions to help you complete any next steps.
5.   Pay the $35 registration fee.
  • Please note that students are not officially enrolled in the program until the fee is paid in full and proof of payment has been processed by our main office.