On Thursday, February 24th, the Road to Entrepreneurship Virtual Career Panel was held. There were four panelists in total, two of them are Hostos alumni. Dale D'Amico, Dale Daniel Landscape Lighting Design class of 2017, Saint Mbakop, AIG Properties LLC. class of 2016, Tania Leipold of Laine and Alliage, and Garri Rivkin of The City Tutors. Several subjects were discussed, including the following: 

·         Marketing 

·         Raising funds/financing your business 

·         The difference between profit and non-profit 

·         Networking to grow your business 

·         Resources for getting started 

Entrepreneurs advised students considering starting their own business to first work in the field and understand all of the ins and outs of the sector before launching their own venture. After you've gained sufficient knowledge of the industry, take on small projects and never quit your employment before your new business is up and running. When considering starting your own business, choose something that fits your basic values and beliefs, as operating a business requires a significant amount of time, energy, and effort. Create a business around a problem that you can address/solve. If possible, seek a partner to assist with the new venture and split the associated costs and responsibilities. = 

The virtual event was attended by ten students and eleven faculty/staff. Six of the ten students who attended are actively interacting with Career Services through workshops, resume reviews, job searches, and completion of the Grow with Google HSI Career Readiness study courses. Event recording