Virtual Career Fairs

Career Services offer both in-person and virtual career fairs.

Check for upcoming Career Fairs or request an event:  

Virtual Career Fair Instructions: 

Registering online for Hostos students & alumni:

  1. Review the Virtual Career Fair Instructions 
  2. Register online EVENTS TAB (User ID 8 digit EMPL ID) Request password and it will be sent to your HOSTOS EMAIL/email on file
  3. Start a Resume using the templates below:
       4. Have your resume revised by Career Services: 
  1. Log in or Claim Your account to upload your resume for a Career Services Staff Member to review. Upload documents on symplciity:
  2. Register for the “How to Navigate the Virtual Job Fair” in the events link 
  3. Prepare your outfit – Business attire required
  4. Review Job Fair booklet, practice introducing yourself and prepare your commercial
Day of Job Fair – 
Log in early and dress in professional attire
  1. Log in to Symplicity
  2. Go to EVENTS
  3. Select Virtual Career Fair
  4. You will be able to select which employers to sign up for in the queue
  5. When the employer is available you will join their chat/video link using zoom or other video platform.
  6. You will have 5 minutes to meet with employers 
Career Services staff will be available to assist you with any questions.

After the Job Fair
Follow-up with employers you have met and send a thank you note.
  • Let Career Services know when you get hired!
  • Follow-up with career services if you’re still searching for an internship or job
Prepare for the Job Fair