YUNY Banking Career Immersion Program

You can sign up for a virtual session:

  • 18-29 Years old
  • Recently earned AA/AS Degree or within 9 credits of graduation
  • Authorized to work in the US
  • In good financial standing with any banking accounts 


There are hundreds of retail banking and client-services jobs that exist in New York City. JPMogan Chase, New York Life, and many more companies are challenged to fill this demand. These companies have expressed interest in partnering with Year Up and CUNY as a talent channel to fill these roles.

The Career Immersion Program is a full-time 5 month commitment. We will support you in launching a career by:

  • Providing 8 weeks of immersive learning and development in financial services

  • Matching you to a 12-week banking or client-services internship at JPMorgan Chase, New York Life, or another Year Up Partner (Stipend $150 weekly)

  • Paying you a weekly stipend during your weeks of training and your internship

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