Summer in the South Bronx


Bronx Civic Scholars Institute (BCSI)
July 6th – August 10th, Monday-Thursday, 9:00AM-5:00PM

BCSI is a six-week summer enrichment program that engages young people in social justice issues through the lens of local, state and federal laws. Participants will enroll in American Government (POL 101, 3 credits), participate in various college and career workshops and intern at a local community-based organization. MetroCards and lunch will be provided. This program is in-person.*

Requirements: current 11th graders with 75 or higher ELA, or 80+ overall ENG average and overall 80+ GPA

  1. Recommendation from a teacher, counselor or internship
  2. Personal Statement: 250 - 500 words max.

Topic:  Please describe one political, social, or economic issue that affects your community, and how you could create positive change on the issue.

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Download flyer: Bronx Civic Scholars Institute (BCSI) <pdf>

Summer Intensive English Language Program (SIELP)
July 6th – August 10th, Monday-Thursday, 9:00AM-3:00PM
(In-person or Virtual)

SIELP is an opportunity for Multilingual Learners to hone their writing skills, improve their critical thinking, meet new friends, and gain college credits (ESL 25, 2 credits) all through the lens of the American Revolution. Upon successfully completing the course, students will have the opportunity to enroll in a another ESL course or a 3-credit Humanities course in Fall 2022. MetroCards and lunch will be provided. 

Requirements: current 10th or 11th grade Multilingual Learners

How To Apply: Click to view educator’s FAQ , or submit an interest form for SIELP. This program offers an in-person and virtual option.*

Download flyer: Summer Intensive English Language Program (SIELP) flyer <pdf>

Let’s Get Ready (LGR)
June 21st – August 19th, Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday, 5:00AM-6:30PM (Virtual)

LGR is currently accepting applications to our Summer 2022 Virtual Access Program. By enrolling with us, students will receive FREE SAT test prep, access to our virtual learning platform, text-based college-readiness support. Students are encouraged to apply for our 9-week SAT prep and college application support course by our priority application deadline of April 29th. Let’s Get Ready commits to support all students who participate until they graduate from college.  Priority is given to Class of 2023, students who are either first generation to college and/or eligible for free or reduced-price lunch!

Requirements: current 10th or 11th grade Multilingual Learners

How To Apply:

Download flyers: Summer Intensive English Language Program (SIELP) <pdf> Why Should I Take the SAT? <pdf>


PSY 101: General Psychology
July 6th – August 10th, Monday-Thursday (Virtual, Asynchronous)

This 3-credit course introduces students to the various areas of psychology, including, methods, learning and memory, sensations, perception, physiological processes, emotions that drive personalities, abnormal behavior, psychotherapy, individual differences, social behavior, growth and development. This course is virtual and asynchronous.
Requirements: current 10th or 11th graders (ELA 75 or overall ENG GPA 80+ and overall 80+ GPA)

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*CUNY policy indicates that students who register for in-person courses/programs will be required to be fully vaccinated and get a booster when they become eligible for one.