Withdrawal Policy

To withdraw from a College Now class, students must file an official withdrawal form, and return your Hostos ID and course book to the College now office located in B-417.. 

Students who file the appropriate paperwork for withdrawals prior to the deadline will be assigned a grade of “W”. However, a grade of “F” will be assigned to students who fail to satisfactorily complete the requirements of a course and a grade of "WU will be assigned to students who voluntarily discontinue class attendance and fail to follow the College Now  official withdrawal procedures.

Tips to possibly avoid having to drop:

  • The moment you realize any challenges in the course, speak to your professor 
  • Talk to the College Now staff
  • Utilize campus resources such as the Hostos Academic Learning Center (Room C596), the Writing Cener (Room C596), the Library (Room A-308), and the Computer Lab (Room C-595).